Museum of Science

Making a digital platform for a beloved STEM curriculum

Boston’s Museum of Science is a globally renowned institution focused on delivering science education to adults and children alike through engagement and interactivity. The Engineering is Elementary (EiE) program, part of the Museum of Science‘s offerings, is a gold-standard curriculum to accelerate classroom and at-home learning in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) for elementary-school students. Engineering storybooks have been a vital part of the EiE curriculum, but as printed books, have limited opportunities for engagement and learning in the digital sphere. The Museum of Science asked Alipes to create a digital platform for these storybooks to allow increased interactivity and enable an even larger number of students to use them develop STEM skills. Our solution: design, develop, test, and implement a web-based application featuring the storybooks, in both full-length and abridged editions, including a variety of interactive content that can be accessed on a wide range of in-school and at-home technology, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

Our work