MBTA: Corporate Pass Program

Web Development

Content Strategy

Brand Identity

The public transit agency for all of Eastern Massachusetts, the MBTA sought to elevate its corporate pass program as a key benefit for local businesses and workers. We got it all on track.


Rebrand, reach, convert

Rebrand and create a plan for launching an updated MBTA Corporate Pass Program to reach a wider corporate audience and support revenue growth for the program, which has been stagnant. The MBTA needed to reach both employers and employees with compelling messaging about the value of the corporate pass program - and to convert those audiences into paying customers.

The Perq card.


Drive new revenue

The Corporate Pass Program represents a $100+ million dollar revenue opportunity for the MBTA, but has suffered from low adoption rates. According to MBTA analysis, this is due largely to lack of awareness about the program and lack of influence over direct communication with potential customers due to third-party relationship management.


Go to market smarter

Alipes undertook an extensive secondary and primary research phase, delivering a comprehensive market analysis document and a holistic sales and marketing plan. Our analysis formed the basis of our recommended creative strategy as well as the development of the new Corporate Pass Program brand and related creative assets.

Perq ad


Deliver great results

Alipes created a new name, brand identity, marketing and sales plan, sales collateral, marketing and creative assets, and website (both an initial landing page and a comprehensive new site intended for both employers and employees). We are in the final phases of launching the new brand and website, including a comprehensive paid media campaign.

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