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Museum of Science Boston, one of the leading creators of science-related school curricula in the country, approached us with an urgent need: to digitize its highly successful science education programs, making it even easier and more engaging for teachers and kids to learn about science.



Museum of Science asked us to answer this challenge: transform its traditional curriculum in a way that would enable teachers to showcase complex scientific concepts, while making the content more engaging for young learners. This challenge brought significant technology complexities. For example:

  • The content had to perform flawlessly on a cross-device in-browser (web-enabled) e-reader
  • The curricula required special interactive features that showcase scientifically accurate interactive experiments, text-to-speech capabilities, and compelling imagery
  • The new platform needed to integrate with a Learning Management System (LMS) or webstore to make it easier to deliver to many potential audiences
  • The solution had to meet accessibility standards and be usable by the vision impaired as well as those learners for whom English is a second language.
Museum of Science



We built the Museum of Science’s first fully web-enabled platform for serving digitized ‘storybooks’ that deliver interactive content across a wide range of science topics.

In addition to meeting the requirements described above, we created an entirely new learning environment whose performance we were able to test through a structured pilot program. We first rolled out the program to local Boston-area educators, which enabled us to secure feedback and make updates before making the new digital curricula available to a national audience.

Because of the Museum of Science’s leadership in national science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM) education, this test period was a vital part of our success.

Alipes developed the technological strategy, code, and creative for the Storybooks platform, including the solutions for the in-browser experiments. Alipes digitized all of the print copy, and supported the translation of that copy into other languages. We also designed the pilot program in collaboration with a team of educators from Museum of Science, using pilot-test feedback to refine the prototype and ready for national launch within 10 weeks of launching the pilot.

Digital storybook running on tablet



We delivered an innovative, distributed, and scalable web application built on Laravel and VueJS, hosted in the cloud, and infinitely updatable—either by our team or by the team at Museum of Science.

Specifically, our results included 20 digital storybooks, each in multiple languages, in full and abridged form, as well as 20 interactive science experiments to represent concepts from each storybook. Highlights of the solution include text-to-speech capabilities, a robust analytics platform for measuring learner engagement, and a 100 percent improvement in accessibility, including for those with special needs such as dyslexia.

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