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HATCH for Hunger (HATCH), a nonprofit aimed at fighting hunger in local communities across the country, works with farmers, food banks, grocery stores, and communities to address food insecurity. As part of that effort, HATCH asked Alipes to promote a specific program designed to celebrate the nutritional power of eggs and spur local donations to food aid organizers.

Image of the Hatch website on phone



Alipes developed the creative, strategy, and content that helped HATCH reach socially-conscious audiences to increase awareness and investment in the movement—including an interactive game called “Eggstagram.”

Eggstagram lets users customize an egg with fun, playful costumes and instantly share those decorated eggs over social media channels, allowing for a user-centric campaign that spread the word and engaged communities in a unique way.

Pirate Eggstagram
Beach Eggstagram

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