Fidelity Asset Management

Web Development

Content Strategy

This Boston-headquartered client approached Alipes with a particular business challenge: how to reach, educate, and convert two distinct audiences using the same brand and digital identity.


The goal

This client needed to influence both millennial, post-graduate professionals and mid-career professionals as part of a recruiting and retention effort driven by a tight labor market and intense competition for financial and technology professionals, in particular.

Image of the Fidelity site on an ipad
Image of the Fidelity site on a laptop
Image of the Fidelity site on a laptop Image of the Fidelity site on a laptop


The approach

We began with a deep dive into the client's existing brand messaging and visual identity, researching competitor sites to compare how they addressed these audiences. Our team also conducted focus group sessions to garner additional information about the audiences the client was hoping to attract. We helped the client step back and see their web presence from the outside in, using interviews with internal stakeholders and employees across the organization to inform our recommendations, resulting in a dramatic shift in approach to communicating with the intended audiences.

Screen capture of the Fidelity site.


The impact

As part of this project, we delivered a messaging framework and narrative that informed content development and from-the-ground-up design of the organization's recruitment website. The site is clean, modern, and appealing, with custom video and photography featuring employees and members of the leadership team helping to tell the organization's story to the potential new employees and recruits.

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