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COVID-19 has left many businesses wondering how to move forward. As digital solutionists, we consider it our job to navigate our clients through the unknown, invent new lines of business, and keep their strategies nimble in the face of these unprecedented challenges.


Restaurant Strong

COVID-19 deeply impacted America’s restaurant industry. Alipes worked with Sam Adams and the Greg Hill Foundation to build the website platform for Restaurant Strong. As the program evolved from Massachusetts to other states in America, Alipes iterated on the platform to support donation collection, application, testimonials and information. The campaign raised over $4,000,000 to provide grants to those impacted and received 109,000 applications to date.

Restaurant Strong website
Krypton Medical website on a computer


Krypton Medical

When the COVID-19 crisis arose, it became clear that the urgent need for ventilators, both in the U.S. and globally, needed to be addressed. The founders of Krypton Medical took action and leveraged their expertise in these high-priced devices to create more basic, accessible versions. To support their work and vision, Alipes collaborated with Krypton’s team to develop their branding, logo, messaging, and website. All of this was completed in a matter of weeks, and Krypton is now off and running to offer large quantities of FDA-cleared medical devices at reasonable prices to treat COVID-19 patients.

Blue Harvest Fishers


Blue Harvest

Blue Harvest organized two dockside drive-through seafood sales, where they sold their sustainably harvested local seafood at farmer’s market prices. To help promote the event, our team put together eye-catching graphics and blog posts, which were shared on social media. By the end of the month, their Facebook page achieved a 7,852% increase in post reach, 1,398% more engagements, and 438% more pageviews, in addition to a 43% increase in their followership.

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