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A membership-based organization whose members are the CEOs of the Fortune 200, Business Roundtable (BRT) needed to tell its story in an entirely new way.


A customized digital experience

BRT influences policy at the highest levels of legislative and executive-brand decision making - its audiences include Congress and Hill influencers, the administration, and business leaders across the U.S. We created an entirely new platform that allows for a highly customized user experience and almost infinite flexibility in deploying targeted content.

Photo of iphone with BRT website on the screen.


Customized campaigns

Through specialized landing pages, social content, and paid media, we helped our client advance a policy agenda that its audiences perceive to be beneficial both to Big Business and to every American. Influence both those in positions of power, and those who influence the powerful by voting, tweeting, Facebooking, and emailing about crucial issues such as international trade (NAFTA, etc.), tax reform, and immigration.


Data-driven insights

Alipes conducted both primary and secondary research for this engagement, including extensive discovery sessions with more than two dozen client stakeholders. Using this research, we developed foundational documents for a brand refresh and website creation, including analysis of priorities and mapping of audience needs to technical specifications and content strategy.

Former logo of BRT
New logo of BRT
Image of CEO Innovation Summit hosted by BRT



The engagement is a multi-year, multi-phased overhaul of the entire BRT brand, digital presence, and messaging strategy. Specifically, we are:

  • Designing and launching an entirely new brand (logo, tagline, color palette, and messaging strategy)
  • Redesigning into a storytelling engine for advocacy, thought leadership, and audience engagement.
  • Designing and launching rapid-deployment policy campaigns including websites, landing pages, and activation strategies to engage key audiences on specifications


Optimized and evolved

BRT business card concepts
BRT's various logos
Leadership in action

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