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ADI, a 75-year-old technology stalwart, is transforming how it engages with audiences of engineering customers, investors, and young engineering talent.

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A competitor with both emerging and traditional technology brands, the company aims to deliver on the value that it promises in its tagline: "Ahead of What's Possible." Social media is a vital part of this strategy.

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ADI sought to modernize its approach to social media. Specifically, the team asked for help with targeted audience engagement and increased integration of social media with marketing channels and sales initiatives. Our team needed to help theirs re-energize and activate new social media tactics that convey the brand's innovation and leadership, from autonomous vehicles and signal processors to factory robots and space telescopes.


Relevant Data and Research

Audience and competitive analysis is the bedrock of our work with ADI. We use both digital analytics and good old-fashioned gumshoe research to better understand audiences and, on occasion, challenge the brand's assumptions about its own customers.

A great example of our data-driven approach to social is the "Level Up" campaign, where we challenged the audience - primarily engineers who were existing or prospective customers of ADI - to "level up" to ADI's leading products using a 1990's-inspired video game social campaign.

The idea was first met with skepticism by ADI's internal product managers, who were concerned it would seem too frivolous. It was unlike anything the company had ever showed the world. But our data showed a strong intersection between engineers who were likely to be interested in ADI's offerings and those who liked playing video games.

The result? A campaign that performed 64% above industry benchmarks and delivered measurable value to the client in the form new business leads and brand lift.

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Program Innovations

Through long-standing relationships with channel partners such as Facebook, we were able to land a fully funded Facebook brand lift test. Out of 80 brands vying for just a few spots to test Facebook's new Stories feature, we secured Analog Devices' upcoming campaign as the main advertising campagin within the technology vertical.

The test ran within Facebook Stories (at the time not yet open to other advertisers) and the Facebook news feed in different combinations, to test response and user engagement rates.

This test was optimized on maximizing campaign reach and focused on increasing exposure of the ADI brand and its new product. The campaign drove over 5M impressions to 2.2M unique users and 7.4k clicks to the landing page all in just under two weeks.

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