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Wild Abandon with Perfect Precision

While agency life will often demand a fast-paced working style, sometimes it's important to set aside a few more minutes to prevent typos and ensure a stronger finished product.

Morgan Hughley

When Likes Disappear

While eliminating the Like feature on social media may be a step in the right direction for everyday individual use, companies will now need to reevaluate their social media marketing plans.

Morgan Hughley

Boston Conferences Every Marketer Needs to Attend

When immersed in client work and glued to a desk for long periods of time, it’s possible to become stuck in a pattern of delivering projects that may meet client expectations, but lack the true innovation needed to push the work to the next level. Sometimes it’s not only beneficial to step away from the office for a moment but absolutely necessary in order to refresh the mind and deliver better ideas. Conferences and tradeshows are great opportunities to leave your desk for a few days while still remaining engaged with the marketing world.

Morgan Hughley

The Multitasking Myth (Part One)

I can’t multitask. Well… neither can you.

Dan Zarzycki

Access Your Data Archive

It’s no surprise that the real conglomerate of our personal data is Google. But did you know you can download the data archive? Learn how to access your data.

Morgan Hughley

Influence the Right Way

Companies are relying more and more on influencers to spearhead conversations with their audiences in order to spark interest in their brands. However, in order for an influencer marketing campaign to be successful, it has to be planned out correctly.

Morgan Hughley

How to Go Off the Grid for Two Weeks. For Real.

In modern agency life, it seems impossible to take a vacation without taking work with you, but it can be done. Here’s how I did it.

Meghan Gardner


As a back-end developer, it can be hard to style a web page. CSS is not very intuitive and around every corner there’s a “gotcha.” Flexbox is a fairly new CSS technology that once mastered, can be much easier to use.

Dan Sudenfield

How to (Successfully) Lead Your First Tech Meetup

There are a number of reasons you might want to start a technology meetup. In order to narrow the focus a bit, we’re going to approach this from the standpoint that you work for (or run) a company that is interested in the idea of hosting a meetup.

Brendan Butts

How Do You Fix a $75,000 Mistake?

As a new marketing manager for a practice group within a consulting firm, I had a lot to learn. And a few of those things, I had to learn the hard way, like making an error that cost the company many tens of thousands of dollars.

Meghan Gardner

The Multitasking Myth (Part One)

I can’t multitask.

Well… neither can you.

Jeff Sutherland, co-founder of Scrum and author of the book Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, agrees with me.

Run this experiment for me.

What you will need:

  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A stopwatch


  1. You will be writing down the following characters
    1. The numbers 1-10
    2. The Roman numerals I-X
    3. The first ten letters of the alphabet
  2. Start your timer and write the characters in order, but as follows
    1. Do Row 1 from left to right: “1, I, A”
    2. Do Row 2 from left to right: “2, II, B”
    3. Repeat the process until you finish the 10th row
  3. Stop your timer and capture how long it took to create the columns
  4. Reset the timer and write the same content, but this time:
    1. Write all of the numbers from top to bottom
    2. Move to column two and write down the Roman numerals
    3. Move to column three and write down the letter
  5. Stop your timer and capture how long it took

In running this experiment, you will likely find that it took half the time to accomplish the second task as it did the first, even the output is exactly the same.

That difference in time provides a glimpse into how much time is wasted by trying to do more than one task at a time. That difference in time spent to complete the same task is a complete waste and can be otherwise called as “context switching.” If you have many projects happening at the same time, just think about all the lost time context switching if not appropriately managed!

Photograph of paper with columns of handwritten text

The mind cannot multitask

Humans cannot do two things at once, but they can switch between tasks quickly, as evidenced in the above experiment.

The prefrontal cortex in the brain cannot focus on two things at once. There will always be a battle over multiple actions, and the action with the greater immediate reward will win.

In every moment during a meeting in which someone with a laptop “will be multitasking,” that someone is either participating in the meeting or is working on something else. They are not doing both.

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