The Alipes Team Vibe

According to the research in this NYT article, studies show that people working in teams tend to achieve better work results and have higher job satisfaction. The core fundamentals indicate that good communications and limited micromanaging allow individuals to shine within the team structure. The article notes that the best teams have the best listening and participation and create norms, or unwritten rules, about how the group works together.

The Alipes team structure and way of working is the most important aspect of how we deliver great solutions to clients. We thrive, believe, and deliver in teams. Our norms are about outspoken creativity, inherent curiosity, and effective listening across departments.

Our outspoken creativity comes in many forms. We love to push boundaries on the visual design and delivery vehicle in which we showcase digital communications. This includes everything from website UI/UX to font choice and size and modern interactive development. As a group, we constantly ask questions about how things work or why they behave a certain way and ultimately mock-up ideas on how to make it better. We are collaborative in our approach with active listening because we simply know it makes us smarter, our ideas stronger, and our deliverables unique.

You never know what topic will come up when we are gathered for lunch, brainstorming a new campaign, or simply discussing the weather. You can always count on the conversation to be compelling, entertaining, and imaginative–just like our team dynamic.

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