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We polled the majority of Alipians and asked them what their favorite social networks were, and why. Most results fell within the big four (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) but the most interesting thing about the results were the reasons why folks preferred their favorite social network.

Dan (Technology): Facebook. Perfect blend of all social media.

Sonya (Technology): Facebook. I don’t know if I have a favorite. Asking for a favorite is arbitrary. I use Facebook the most.

Colin (Strategy): Twitter. It has the best signal to noise ratio especially with the customization available.

Meghan (Strategy): Twitter for news and information. LinkedIn for networking and relationship building.

Jason (Creative): Reddit. Content. I like the content. And some of the comments can be very informative (and entertaining).

Sarah (Operations): Reddit. It's a community that celebrates my kind of humor.

Brendan (Technology): Slack. It’s not just for business. You can build a community on Slack that is more engaging than Facebook, more informative than Twitter, and almost as good for Networking as LinkedIn.

The most obscure social network among Alipians is...

Nathan (Technology): Mastodon. No one knows me there.

The most popular social network among Alipians is….

Ryan (Technology): Instagram. It’s simple and streamlined.

Kayla (Strategy): Instagram. I like the emphasis on imagery versus copy. You can leverage your channel to tell a story with a single photo, or with all of your photos.

Nasreen (Strategy): Instagram. I’m big on visuals and creative.

Mike (Creative): Instagram. For a long time Facebook has allowed itself to be gummed up. Instagram has stayed truer to its vision. Instagram is a place people choose to interact with a brand as opposed to being tragert by it. It makes it easier to build a passionate community.

Dustin (Creative): Instagram. Originally, because it was all about photography. It’s less political than Facebook. I like all the different communities within Instagram. Also, memes.

Torry (The Boss): Instagram. I like a visual representation of people's lives.

Mo (Strategy): Instagram. I prefer pictures to copy.

And there you have it. Our favorite Social Networks. Are you surprised by the results? There were a couple of entries that surprised us. cough cough Mastodon cough cough. And what about Snapchat not even making a showing? It just goes to show you that even in the age of Facebook, the tides of social media can still rise and fall.

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