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How to Go Off the Grid for Two Weeks. For Real.

In modern agency life, it seems impossible to take a vacation without taking work with you, but it can be done. Here’s how I did it.

Meghan Gardner


As a back-end developer, it can be hard to style a web page. CSS is not very intuitive and around every corner there’s a “gotcha.” Flexbox is a fairly new CSS technology that once mastered, can be much easier to use.

Dan Sudenfield

How to (Successfully) Lead Your First Tech Meetup

There are a number of reasons you might want to start a technology meetup. In order to narrow the focus a bit, we’re going to approach this from the standpoint that you work for (or run) a company that is interested in the idea of hosting a meetup.

Brendan Butts

How Do You Fix a $75,000 Mistake?

As a new marketing manager for a practice group within a consulting firm, I had a lot to learn. And a few of those things, I had to learn the hard way, like making an error that cost the company many tens of thousands of dollars.

Meghan Gardner

Reimagined At Work

When done right, something reimagined is almost magical. It’s not just about integrating a product with another one or allowing for internet connectivity, it’s about taking an existing solution and changing the experience that individuals have, ultimately creating a new kind of experience.

Torrey Fazen


Snapchat launched its first ever TV ad campaign to reposition the app as a camera, which begs the question

Kayla King

The Digital Agency is Dead. Long Live the Digital Agency.

The coming wave of digital de-specialization.

Colin Alsheimer

Tomorrow Comes Today

The coming wave of digital de-specialization.

Dan Zarzycki

Your Next Programming Language (Part 1 of 2)

People often ask “what is the best programming language” to the reply “depends on what you’re doing” – an answer which is paradoxically as true as it is unhelpful.

Ryan Taylor

Making Social Media Politics Great Again

Your uncle will probably never stop posting about his crazy conspiracy theories, but at least now you can rest assured that you won’t be bombarded with sponsored content from illegitimate advertisers.

Nasreen Salem

Six Seconds to Advertise

Whether consumers like it or not, the six second commercial format is here to stay.

Dustin McCormick

Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for a Windows User

There’s a lot of keyboard shortcuts available to a Mac user. As a primarily Windows user, I’ve found a few shortcuts that are extremely helpful as a programmer and may be useful to you too.

Sonya Chen

Animation Trends

When you think of the word “loop,” different definitions might come to mind. You might think of a simple circle, or a rope that’s made into a circle. Maybe it’s a pattern you make while driving, or something else entirely.

Michael Callahan

Stumbling Upon a Twitter Vulnerability

Reading privacy policies on websites and other legal documents are important. I have read Twitter’s privacy policy before but I wanted to make sure nothing had changed. GDPR was coming and seeing how they structured their page and spelled out the details seemed interesting. Starting on help.twitter.com, I went right to the footer. Mouse over the Privacy link and NO click. It looked funny.

Keith Koslowsky

The Alipes Team Vibe

The Alipes team structure and way of working is the most important aspect of how we deliver great solutions to clients. We thrive, believe, and deliver in team. Our norms are about outspoken creativity, inherent curiosity, and effective listening across departments.

Torrey Fazen

From Maryland to Chicago, Alipes is Boston Strong

Boston Strong represents different meanings for different people. Five years after the Boston Marathon Bombing, Alipes reflects on what it means to us.

Kayla King

None of Their Business

There’s an old expression about how good people staying silent is all it takes for evil to triumph. Burger King made a single video that captured the power of a modern distribution channel to spark mainstream conversation about bullying. It’s a corporation using the tools of an upstart movement to deliver a powerful message that staying silent is destructive.

Meghan Gardner

Alipes Opinions

We polled the majority of Alipians and asked them what their favorite social networks were, and why. Most results fell within the big four (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) but the most interesting thing about the results were the reasons why folks preferred their favorite social network.

Brendan Butts

Blockchain 101

The first in a series of posts covering the Blockchain, key players, trends and how the technology can be applied to a variety of industries, including digital media and marketing.

Colin Alsheimer

#DeleteFacebook – Why it Matters for Brands

Facebook is in trouble. As the social media platform deals with the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, #DeleteFacebook has gained steam, prompting many to reexamine the role that social media plays in their lives. But what does this mean for brands?

Colin Alsheimer

Don’t Wait, Learn How to Code Now

Anyone can learn how to code, but often people go about it the wrong way. As an accomplished web developer, here are my suggestions on the best ways to learn how to code.

Dan Sudenfield

Limitations Can Drive Innovations

Limitation of the design systems of yesterday gave rise to the internet technologies of today.

Jason Tennis


If you’re a Resistant Prisoner like me, but you see the value of networking, rest assured that you’re not the only one. In fact, you’re already taking steps toward improving, just by reading this.

Sonya Chen

A Trick to Clearly Communicate with Developers and in Teams

Communication is key, and software development is no exception. Anyone who has worked with developers knows how tricky communication can be, whether they are talking about bugs, new features or even layout.

Ryan Taylor

Audience Centric Advertising

The best digital advertising remembers who the audience is.

Michael Callahan

One Less App

However, how do you know if program that you just put on your computer is safe? It may be sending information about you out to an unsafe location. The developer may tell you they are collecting this information in their privacy policy. Although, I’m willing to bet you haven’t actually read the privacy policy. Go ahead, admit it.

Keith Koslowsky

When Brands Sell Culture

Advertising is an unavoidable part of life for most people. It’s been with us since we were born, surrounding us on TV, magazines, and billboards—burrowing into our memories. Speaking as an American thirty-something who remembers a time before the internet, ads have always been around.

Dustin McCormick

We’re Honored to be Honored

We believe our work is the hero of our story—and we’re honored to have captured two Davey Awards, awards named for the legendary hero of small stature and big thinking.

Meghan Gardner

Internet Memes

There’s millions of Internet memes, but only the best make it viral. Learn how the concept of natural selection comes into play in the world of memes.

Kayla King

Glad to Meet You

Alipes, the boutique agency reinventing digital for clients large and small, announced today that it has inked new client relationships and established a presence in Chicago.

Meghan Gardner

Pitching Your Employer, Include the Doodles

It’s a random Tuesday and you have a new business idea. It’s just that, an idea. It needs to be fleshed out, nurtured, developed, but it’s a place to start and you are getting excited about the possibilities. Where do you go next? To friends and family for advice? To your business mentor for a brainstorm? What if the next step is even easier, what if you need to look no further than your current employer?

Torrey Fazen

A Coming Change in Traditional Websites

Over the horizon, there is a significant change coming to your web browsing experience. A change that, once it’s pervasive, will seem necessary.

Nathan Lamont

How Not to Make Friends and Influence People

Influencing the people right next to you may be even harder than trying to capture the attention of someone with 500,000 followers. Here’s why.

Meghan Gardner

Developing as a Developer

There are so many solutions that developers accumulate over their careers. Each one of these solutions can be abstracted and potentially applied to a number of situations. The more solutions a developer has come across, the more solutions they have available to them when they encounter a particularly tough problem.

Brendan Butts

Now Hear This

Check out 37 of the best podcasts to help you become a smarter and more informed digital marketer.

Colin Alsheimer

Now Hear This

I was first introduced to Podcasting around 2005. Apple had recently added the category to its iTunes app, and I was in need of mental stimulation during my mind numbly boring summer data entry job. I filled my hours by listening to podcasts on wine, personal finance and investing, and discovering the bounties of NPR produced content.

Somewhere along the line, probably coinciding with the rise of blogging and social media I fell off the Podcasting train. At that time, the blogosphere was sucking up all energy and it was where all the best knowledge sharing was happening. I had just started my first job in the digital marketing realm and had a lot to learn, so was frequently finding myself falling asleep at night, laptop on chest (no tablets yet!), trying to soak up as much as I could. Podcasts, to me, were old tech and no longer relevant.

Fast forward a few years, and though I had heard casual mention of Podcasts again, it probably wasn’t until the explosion of NPR’s first season of Serial that I realized that Podcasts were back again in force. Since that time, I’ve come back to Podcasts as my primary source of current news, ongoing education and entertainment. Much like blogging and social media in the late aughts, it’s where all the current energy is, and where people seem more willing to share their knowledge with others.

While I try to maintain variation in my Podcast sources, these are the fifteen I find myself coming back to the most, and the ones that help me the most in my daily digital marketing activities.


Hosted by Laura Correnti (EVP at Giant Spoon) and Alexa Christon (Head of Media Innovation at GE), ADLANDIA offers an entertaining and sometimes enlightening look at the current media, innovation and advertising landscape. This podcast will also delve into the challenges faced by advertising agency professionals, like why sleep is so important for creativity.

  1. The Daily

The New York Time’s popular daily podcast covering the latest national and global news. Often filled with A+ reporting and storytelling, this is a conduit into the daily events which shaper our lives (and influence our marketing decisions).

  1. HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review’s ongoing podcast is a great source for inspiration and educated takes on modern marketing and business challenges.

  1. How I Built This with Guy Raz

NPR’s startup focused podcast, where host Guy Raz takes listeners on a narrative journey recapping the rise to success of successful and visionary companies. Lots of good lessons can be found on common business challenges and how to overcome them.

  1. Motley Fool’s Industry Focus & Market Foolery

Motley Fool has a number of good podcasts, but I find these two to be the most helpful for getting a read on the current financial markets, trends, and a basic education on how business finances, how they are evaluated and judged, and what it all means.

  1. Masters of Scale

Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn) produces and hosts this podcast which attempts to tease out the elements of a successful company. Season one featured interviews with visionaries like Netflix’s Reed Hastings, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Airbnb’s Brian Chesky. The podcast also explored concepts like, “The Beauty of a Bad Idea” and what the next Silicon Valley could look like. Season two kicks off soon.

  1. Recode Media

Discussions on the future of media and technology.

  1. TED Radio Hour

Also hosted by Guy Raz, NPR’s Ted Radio Hour offers a more produced look at Ted Talks, often stitching together pieces of multiple talks into a single show wrapped around a common theme or topic. Often provides important context to current trends or things to consider for our clients in the future.

  1. This Week in Startups

Hosted by angel investor Jason Calacanis, this podcast covers news, trends and ideas surrounding the digital startup ecosystem. As it has been for some time now, startups in Silicon Valley and other locals are driving business forward. Staying abreast of changes offers an opportunity for insight into the direction of the marketplace, which can be applied to marketing activities in a number of ways.

  1. UnChained

This Forbes produced podcast goes in depth into the world of Blockchain - what it is and how it will change everything from financial services to identity, healthcare and more. This burgeoning technology will likely drive significant disruption in a number of industries, so it’s important to understand what it all means.

  1. VB Engage

From VentureBeat, VB Engage is a new addition to my “must listen” category (thanks James). Hosts Stewart Rogers and Travis Wright offer informative and insightful discussions on all things digital marketing and mobile engagement.

  1. What it Means

Forrester’s podcast covering current marketing and business trends offers exactly what the title implies. Forrester’s industry experts offer their analysis and takeaways for businesses trying to make sense of the changing business landscape.

  1. A16z

A16z is the podcast by the venture capital firm (founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz) by the same name. This podcast offers extremely interesting and engaging discussions about tech, culture trends, future prognostications.

  1. Social Pros Podcast

Convince and Convert’s regular podcast focuses on social media and content marketing trends. Social Pros can be a little to tactical at times, but worth a listen to catch up on execution level trends and valuable case studies.

  1. Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad

Adweek’s podcast covers the latest in digital marketing, tech and advertising.

These podcasts were recently added to my rotation. I’m intrigued by their potential, but haven’t listened to enough episodes to offer full judgement.

  1. Angel

Jason Calacanis interviews angel investors.

  1. The A-List Podcast

Interviews with the best of the best in Advertising about how they broke into the industry.

  1. The Bad Crypto Podcast

Another blockchain podcast, hosted by the same folks as VB Engage.

  1. Deloitte’s The Change Exchange

Focused on discussions and analysis of the trends and ideas that shape organizational change.

  1. Clockwise

Rapid-fire discussion of current tech issues.

  1. The Critical Path

Discussing success and failures within the evolving mobile computing and related spaces.

  1. Decrypted

Bloomberg’s podcast covering the global tech industry and its impact on the direction of the economy.

  1. The Digiday Podcast

Discussion on the latest trends and stories from marketing, advertising and tech.

  1. Disruptor Series

TBWA Chiat Day’s discussion on business, culture and life disruption.

  1. Exponent

Examining the effects of the tech industry on society.

  1. Fearless - The Art of Creative Leadership with Charles Day

Talks with the leaders of the world’s most disruptive companies.

  1. Forrester’s CX Cast

Covering the latest trends and developments in the customer experience space.

  1. Gartner ThinkCast

Business and IT insights from Gartner.

  1. Knowledge@Wharton

Business trends and insights from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

  1. The McKinsey Podcast

Discussions on business and management topics.

  1. Odd Lots

Bloomberg’s sort of answer to Freakonomics.

  1. Problem Solvers

Entrepreneur talks with business owners and CEOs about solutions to business challenges.

  1. Recode Decode

Kara Swisher interviews business and tech influencers.

  1. The Science of Social Media

Buffer’s podcast offering tactical social media marketing solutions.

  1. Tagline

Conversations with storytellers, culture makers and creators.

  1. Thoroughly Considered

Entrepreneurship, product design and the ups and downs of running a small business.

  1. Under the Radar

Discussions on independent app development.

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