Goodbye 2020, Hello New Approach

As I imagine a large chunk of the world does, every year in early January I spend time thinking about what personal and professional goals I want to achieve for the year. Some are pie in the sky and aspirational, while others are very specific task-oriented goals. However, they always remain in my head and I never seem to capture them in any meaningful way, which inevitably leads me to be less accountable for what I want to accomplish. 

This year feels different. 2021 holds a new beginning for so many reasons, so I am approaching it in a new way. I fleshed out a more in-depth document that still outlines my goals, but now with detailed accountability measures. I included achievement milestones, ways to track progress, and even check-ins with third parties. While it's not to the level of a Gantt chart, it's a way to remain focused on all of my goals with my job, in my community, and for me, personally.

Does it sound way too planned, not creative, and over-executed? Maybe. But in order for me to help enact change in my surroundings, I know I need to change my approach. Learning from last year's setbacks, social and political environments and actions, global pandemic implications, and personal conversations has opened my eyes to making a positive difference in a fresh way. As I would with any first-time experience, I look forward to the challenge with a bit of fear and trepidation, but mostly enthusiasm for what is to come. 

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