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Solving the years old office debate, in minutes

Hypothesis: It rains more in Boston on Tuesday than any day of the week. Steps to Solution: Pull data from an API, only save relevant data, upload to a visualization tool, shape the data, display results. Smile at results.

Keith Koslowsky

Hi, my name is Tim and my pronouns are he/him/his.

Creating an inclusive work environment starts with the way we speak.

Timothy Reagan

How I Solved a Giant Maze I Was Never Meant to Solve

A while ago, before the pandemic, our office received a nifty piece of marketing material — a giant maze mounted behind glass.

Nathan Lamont

The Importance of White Space

Do you think of design as the process of making something pretty? If so, you're in the right place!

Timothy Reagan

Emotional Thinking - Part 1

Surely you wouldn't ever let your emotions impact your decision-making, would you?

Jason Tennis

Why Small Agencies Are Filled With Big Thinkers

How does a small team achieve gains for huge businesses? Read on to learn more.

Cailin Cowley

My Impressions of Clubhouse After One Week on the App

There's definitely a marketing opportunity to be had.

Cailin Cowley

What Your Brand Can Learn From Wannabe Fitness Influencers

Even if you’re not into fitness yourself, there’s a lot to be learned from the wannabe influencers out there. Here are 5 best practices to grow your social media following.

Cailin Cowley

Write Better Headlines To Reach Your Audience with These 5 Tips

The title of your content is just as important as what lies within the body of the article itself. Learn how to optimize your headlines to grow your readership.

Cailin Cowley

Goodbye 2020, Hello New Approach

How I plan to remain focused on all of my goals with my job, in my community, and for me, personally.

Torrey Fazen
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