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How to prove the ROI of social media

What do followers, engagements, and impressions all really mean for a business’s bottom line? Read more to learn how to prove the value of your social media efforts.

Cailin Cowley

Pandemic Parenting Tips & Tricks

Pandemic parenting is no small feat, but our Alipes parents are here to help. Read more for their tips on how to deal with the challenges of parenting during COVID-19.

How to remain relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace

As marketers, we need to figure out a way to remain relevant in a landscape that has been turned on its head. Seems like a lot? It doesn’t have to be, as long as you follow three key steps.

Cailin Cowley

WFH Tips: How to achieve stronger internal communication

Getting things done can seem more challenging now that you can't get a quick answer from another person nearby. But we're here to make it easier. Read our top 5 tips for improving your internal communication.

HR is going digital. So when does it need an external vendor's support?

By automating rote tasks and practices, you stand to reap the benefits of less human error and more time for your employees to focus on strategic tasks. But when is the right time to look for an external vendor to improve your HR practices?

Cailin Cowley

Internal Communications Support: Here to Help

The rippling effects of coronavirus are still difficult to comprehend, making communication critically important during this time. We'd like to help.

Torrey Fazen

Building Positive Habits

When you think of the word “habit”, what comes to mind? Do you think about bad habits like biting your nails, smoking, or going to bed late? Habits: the small decisions we make everyday that, when repeated regularly, become almost involuntary or subconscious. We all probably have a bad habit we’d like to kick. But what about good habits? Habits that impact and improve our lives in meaningful ways.

Let's Encrypt CAA Rechecking Incident

Let's Encrypt basically secures the internet. Hosting As A Service companies like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Heroku all use them to issue certificates. Let's Encrypt recently celebrated issuing 1 billion certificates! However, recently, they found a bug which makes some of these certificates less secure. So they are revoking 3,048,289 certificates. It goes into affect tomorrow. So if you are an affected user, you may visit your website or company intranet and be shown a scary SSL warning.

Keith Koslowsky

Work smarter, not harder.

Are you banging your head against your keyboard on a project or task? Perhaps it is time to work smarter, not harder.

Dan Zarzycki

S01 E01: Podvertising

Learn more about how you should adapt your advertising strategy as podcasts increasingly grow in listenership and engagement.

Cailin Cowley
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