Our clients give us great things to do

We have the pleasure of working with a number of impressive companies and organizations. Examples of our client work include:

  • A Fortune 150 Health Care Company

    Providing guidance in a modern digital communications landscape

    Within a highly-regulated industry and facing the challenges of the modern digital communications landscape, this Fortune 150 Health Care company based in the Midwest needed new ways to communicate to stakeholders and drive its public agenda. Together, we created and executed a first-in-industry digital government affairs strategy and platform that is furthering the company’s policy objectives around the world and helping manage the conversation space. As our partnership with this company continues to grow outside of the policy world, we help to strengthen digital efforts, from building and designing a global platform to curate and highlight thousands of pieces of media, to supporting multilingual communications and content creation.

  • Project Innovation

    Working with healthcare non-profits and industry leaders, Project Innovation was founded to build awareness around the need for continuous medical innovation in oncology. We created and built the brand, logo, and digital footprint to carry on this mission. Our daily digital engagement efforts, including the development of creative imagery and content, videos, interactive visual elements, and the management of social media platforms, continue to support the Project Innovation vision.

  • Boston Public Market

    The Boston Public Market opened its doors in July 2015, and has now become a civic institution for the city of Boston. The Market needed an agency to help it demonstrate the participatory and creative experience customers would have with all of its offerings. We helped to clarify its mission, lead creative ideation, and ultimately design and implement the brand, both online and offline. Our advertising campaign and website development sparked community interest and participation in the now thriving Boston Public Market.

Some of our other work:

  • A global energy company
  • A multinational animal health company
  • A major healthcare company
  • A national environmental campaign
  • An alternative energy effort
  • An international peace effort
  • US Congressmen
  • Ballot questions
  • Nonprofits and NGOs (big and small)
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