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The MBTA strives to deliver the services that riders need most—across rail, subway, bus, and ferry transport. Our work with the MBTA has included several campaigns designed to support the MBTA’s efforts to expand services.

Image of the MBTA late night on a phone


Objective and Target Audience:

Educate riders and drive adoption for late-night service (approx. 10:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m.), with an emphasis on routes that currently have overcrowding on “last bus” routes.



Communicate clearly and effectively about the service, which is a combination of new routes, more frequent routes, and later/earlier service without causing audience confusion about previous “Night Owl” service rollouts, which were perceived to fail. Work on a compressed time frame that began in July and had a service launch date of September 2.


Relevant Data and Research

Alipes drew heavily on MBTA ridership data and surveys, as well as primary research including interviews with MBTA representatives. We also drew on our experience developing copy, creative, and a communications strategy for the early morning bus pilot , which was aimed at somewhat overlapping audiences in some neighborhoods.

MBTA Late night


Solution and Execution:

Alipes tackled the compound challenge of tight scope and short timelines by developing a creative platform that was inspired by our work for the early morning bus pilot. We developed copy and content that used a similar look and feel as that used in the early morning campaign, but with a nighttime theme and custom messaging. We also developed core collateral including FAQs and landing page copy for the MBTA to implement.

This campaign did not include a paid media buy, per the MBTA’s request.

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