Why Small Agencies Are Filled With Big Thinkers

If you head over to our People page, you’ll notice that there aren’t a lot of headshots in the grid. And if you head over to our Case Studies page, you’ll find names of businesses we’ve helped succeed - big names that you’ll likely recognize. 

So, how does a small team achieve gains for such huge businesses?

Answer: Being the little guy comes with big benefits. 

Small = agile

When you work with a small agency, you can count on them to move quickly. We love that we can efficiently address our clients’ obstacles without wading through miles of red tape. We see the problem, determine a solution, and then are off to the races. We also abide by an agile methodology, meaning that we have regular check ins and regroups to make sure we’re all on the same page, executing on the right tasks.

We know each other well and can lean on/learn from each other’s strengths 

Being part of a smaller team means that we all know each other pretty well. That also means that when one of us is bogged down with an issue or needs clarification from another team member, they know exactly who to go to for help. I’ve been able to learn a lot from my teammates, and we have a great system in place where we share our best practices and potential value adds every other week at our team meetings. 

Because we’re small, we’re all well-rounded

One of the benefits of working at a small agency is that you get to roll up your sleeves and wear a variety of hats. The days are never boring when you’re able to learn new skills and become a more well-rounded solutionist. For us, this has offered great value in our conversations with clients, since our whole team is knowledgeable in many different aspects of digital marketing. 

We work as a team, not as competitors

Since we operate in a relatively flat manner, we understand that everyone has strengths to bring to the table. For instance, we love a good brainstorm, and always invite who wants to join so that we can hear from a variety of perspectives. Every voice is valued at a small agency, and that’s what makes our work great: We want everyone to win.

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